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Shattered Pieces

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Shattered Pieces - 2nd Edition

Redemptive Love Series - Book 2


Most people who have known Zachary Tyler Belford for any length of time see nothing more for him than a path leading to destruction. Not even his handsome face, a Harvard Law degree, or limitless wealth can by pass the shattered heart and broken soul of the man-child still held captive by the abuse, accusations, and mistreatment he experienced as a child.


Breaking hearts and taking numbers is his MO…a dangerous game of cat and mouse that could very well be his demise. As his life spirals out of control, Zack desperately seeks something to grab…to cling to…as he struggles hopelessly to avoid an inevitable fall…but will he find what he needs in time.


$5.00 Shipping and handling

Photos by Tara Abaya

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