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All Other Ground

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All Other Ground

Redemptive Love Series - Book 3


A devoted family, loyal friends, a spirit-filled church, high expectations, and just the joy of living surrounded the first fifteen years of Summer Carlton’s life. She was a happy child. However, one deceptive fun-filled night . . . one careless mistake exploded her world and propelled her into the darkness that created her payback mentality, a rejection of God, separation from parents, and a vow never to forgive. Using her beauty, she lured the men in her path, and with an angry heart made betrayal her very best friend. 

Somewhere, however, in this chaotic world of her own making, she finds a chance for real love. Is she doomed to continue down this hapless path of destruction or is there some mystery . . . some flawless lifeline she can seize that might possibly alter her course, change her heart, and help her live and love again?  

$5.00 Shipping and handling

All videos and editing courtesy of Tara Abaya, Monica Dancy and Tracye McLean

The consequences of past decisions cause Summer Carlton and Paul DeMarlo to face new challenges.

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