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Taking Notes

Professional Content Editing and Proofreading Services

A Personal Touch with Dr. Doris H. Dancy

Pen To Paper Writing Consultant, LLC is a full-service professional content editing and proofreading company. Remember: Determine your editing needs before you hire an editor. Understand the editing definitions in order to know your specific needs.

Choose the right editing service for you


Content Editing

Line Editing

Copy Editing


reviews plot, character and the total writing craft

reviews formatting, typographical errors and overall mistakes

  • For final step editing

reviews prose, style and the flow of sentences and overall

  • Most popular editing for authors!

  • Perfect for 1st time authors

  • Best for non-fiction authors

  • Covers technical consistency

  • Clarity

corrects grammar, spelling, punctuation and small

  • Sentence structure reviews

  • Feedback and detailed Diction

I add a very personal touch by talking directly with my clients, getting to know them, and understanding their needs in writing. If you need an editor, contact me at

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